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Sentona Set - Blue Gold

Color: Blue and Gold
Set includes:

1 Person Set:

1 X Fork
1 X Knife
1 X Table Spoon
1 X Tea Spoon

6 Person Set:

6 X Fork
6 X Knife
6 X Table Spoon
6 X Tea Spoon

12 Person Set:

12 X Fork
12 X Knife
12 X Table Spoon
12 X Tea Spoon

Not just cutlery - we pay attention to quality.




Our Sentona Silverware Cutlery Set is perfect for that special occasion. The perfect cutlery set that will make it easy for you to add your style to the table. Motivated by the kingships of the old Mediterranean realms where gold was the material of choice for eating utensils.


Perfect gift: combining Premium Material and modern chic design, the cutlery set is an ideal gift for your friends and family.



Quality:  This cutlery set, with longer handles and heavier weight, creates an elegant dining experience and feeling in hand. Comfortable design and aesthetically delightful lines upgrade the food being served and the entire dining experience. Please note that due to international shipping, the box may have very small scratches or marks, but this does not affect its use.


Exquisite craft:The cutlery set was designed for those who enjoy the fine stuff in life and appreciate food as a form of art. Elegant looking with compact design handle, Glossy facade and mirror polished to make these versatile utensils always remain glossy.

Modern design:Striking hues, bold contrasts, slender handles, and smooth arched lines all combine to create a modern elegant aesthetic

Ergonomic Shapes: Each piece of the cutlery set is composed and shaped based on how the hand interacts with it, creating a comfortable hold.

Durability:The cutlery set is made of safe and high quality 18/0 stainless steel which ensures health and durability, Non-toxic and nickel free, Corrosion resistant for your daily meal use.




  • Luxurious Modern Chic Style
  • 100% High Quality 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Polymer coated handle
  • Hand washing recommended 

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